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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by and visiting My name is Ryan Neal McMackin A.K.A. GTM (Great teacher McMackin) I know that sounds kind of silly of maybe even cocky, however I was given the nick name from my former students and somehow it just happen to stick with me over the years. The nick name originated from a popular anime series I was never aware of known as GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) I took it upon myself to watch and get familiar with the anime series and to my surprise GTO is an amazing story, the main character Onizuka is quite the character so I am really honored to be compared to him by my students. Then again I assume my peers wouldn’t be LOL!

So if you’re not familiar with GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) I highly recommend any teacher that’s in the industry to take it upon yourself and watch the series, you might learn quite a bit on how to connect with your students.

Well here’s a little more background about myself besides being a bad ass ninja and part of Generation X, the effing coolest generation of all except the WW2 generation that generation kicked serious ass. I pretty much grew up loving cartoons, comic books and anything fantasy. Yes I used to be a huge comic book junkie, I love Tron and Transformers, Manny Pacquiao, Bruce Lee, Vegeta and Ninja's oh yea and Billy and Mandy. Cartoons kick ass,  I used to make cartoon comic strips of my friends and tell funny little stories with the characters. Which eventually continued as I got older, I used to secretly draw funny comics of my co-workers  on daily events that happened on the job. None of my co-workers had the slightest idea who was the secret artist at the time and this lasted for a few years.  My co-workers used to get a kick out of the new comic strips  just to see who was being made fun of and in my eyes I really made there day even if it was for just a moment.

Most of my co-workers at the time were WW2 Vets and here I was this young 18 year old fresh out of high school that really didn't know shit, I learned a lot from those vets and I’m glad I had the privilege and honor to work side by side with a lot of them. Eventually they found out I was drawing all the comic strips of them and It was those older gents most of them vets that encouraged me that I should pursue a career in art. I’m sure a lot of those fellas are gone by now but I truly will always have them in my memory they really gave me the courage to pursue my career.

Now here I am many year later, I’ve done quite a bit since then and I’m always trying to find new ways to evolve my creativity. I eventually Graduated the Art Institute of Las Vegas and got my degree in Multimedia and Animation in 2005, I then started an Independent film studio Dark Water Productions were I’ve helped write, produced, edited and distributed our first horror film “Ominous” among many other projects. I’m currently tapping into the mobile gaming market with a dedicated partner, our company known as Digital Warlocks will be releasing our first mobile game “Flick The Frog” so things are looking good. I mean I could keep going but I think I’ve already bored the shit out of you. Just one last thing don't ever let anyone tell you you can't achieve anything. "If you want to gain anything in Life you have to be presistant!" Words of wisdom from Vegata "DragonBall Z" Yea Vegeta kicks ass.

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